Mythopoeic Productions


“Mythopoeic Productions” was created in 2015 in Lethbridge, Alberta and then moved to Rossland, BC where we’ve produced things like “Rossville”, “You Choose”, “Gnarland” and “Intermultiphrenia”. We’re committed to sustainable, community based creation. Especially supporting those who do not have much experience in theatre, to open them to the world that is: theatre *jazz hands*. The art created is meant to be available to all, so there will never be over priced tickets that limit the ability of those who are financially challenged… which really, is almost all of us. At it’s core theatre is a ritualistic, cathartic process that serves not only as entertainment but as a learning and teaching tool, as a therapeutic tool, and should not adhere to anything other than the souls and passions of those creating and experiencing it.At least that’s what we’re going for.